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MAETA is a Roman Catholic lay organization (founded in 1995) and is not affiliated with any other organization.

MAETA is a non-profit organization and is tax exempt under Section 501(3)(c) of the Internal Revenue Code.   MAETA seeks support from as many individuals as possible.

Can the Mass change?

Is the New (Novus Ordo) "Mass" really Catholic?

Should I be attending the New "Mass?"

May I attend Masses in the traditional Latin Rite?

Does it matter which Bible I use?

Is Our Lady of Fatima, in her Third Secret or Revelation, pointing us in the direction that will solve the present crisis in the Church?

Constant changes in the Mass and sacraments, rampant heresy, and bishops who openly disobey the magisterial teaching of the Church are threatening the very foundations of the Catholic faith.

At MAETA, we are working to help today’s Catholics understand the essence of what it was and will always mean to be Catholic, and to follow Christ faithfully in this time of crisis.

MAETA publishes books, videos, CDs, and audio tapes on a variety of topics of interest to Traditional Catholics and Catholics who are confused by the inconsistencies in the post-conciliar Church.

Our publications explain why an increasing number of Catholics are leaving the New (Novus Ordo) "Mass" for the Canonized Mass of Pope St. Pius V.

Browse our books, audio tapes/CDs, and video tapes to learn more. Or call us toll free at 888-577-4428 for recommended reading to suit your current level of understanding.

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