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Fr. Paul Trinchard, S.T.L.

Fr. Paul Trinchard is a native of New Orleans, graduate of Loyola University (degree in physics), worked as an aeronautical engineer, was ordained a priest in the Society of Jesus(1966).   He earned a Masters degree in philosophy (Spring Hill) specializing in the philosophy of science; a Licentiate in Sacred Theology (St. Louis University); was a university chaplain and counselor; and spent many years teaching secondary physics, mathamatics and religion.   Currently retired from diocesan ministry, Fr. Trinchard writes and lectures.

Using the Novus Ordo Mass for all the years of his priesthood, Fr. Trinchard began to pray the Latin Mass after his retirement -- and his life was changed by it!   It is by reading his books that one can understand what made Fr. Trinchard and many others come back to the Canonized Mass of the Roman Rite.

Sr. Alphonsa

Sr. Mary Alphonsa Nicassio was born and raised in Los Angeles. When she was eight, she knew God was calling her to become a nun. After high school, Sister Alphonsa pursued her vocation while supporting herself working for the city of Los Angeles and hiring herself out as a musician. After going to different monasteries she was directed to the Benedictines and went to St. Andrew's monastery at Valyermo and the Camaldolese in Big Sur.

Sister originally intended to join a traditional religious order but, in the 1970s, she couldn't find any order maintaining the traditions. Not finding the religious life she so desired in Los Angeles, she was eventually permitted to apply to different dioceses. In 1988, she went to the Camaldoli in New York where Bernard Fellay, a bishop of the Society of St. Pius X, consecrated her so that she might began her life as a Hermit Sister of Saint Benedict.

Sister Mary Alphonsa's hermitage is located near Hemet, in Riverside County. She supports herself with a small pension from the city of Los Angeles, a few piano lessons, and self-produced religious tapes.

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