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“NEW MASS” CONCLUSIVELY INVALID According to the Preponderance of Evidence - Book Cover

According to the Preponderance of Evidence
(the product of 15 years of study)
by Fr. Paul Trinchard, S.T.L.


“I read this book for the second time and I think it’s bullet-proof! I don’t think anyone will be able to refute it. I’m convinced that if we accept NMCI, then it’s evident that priests and bishops are in constant state of mortal sin. I haven’t seen anything anywhere, nor will anyone tell you that the ‘new mass’ is invalid.” -- S M, Baltimore, MD

“We enjoyed your book so much that we are ordering a 2nd copy to give out. God bless your work!” -- D W, Goodland, MN

“Fr. Trinchard’s new book finally states without beating around the bush, that the ‘new mass’ is sacrilegious, invalid, and null and void. Most other authors tip-toe around the controversy. Great work, Father!” -- D D, Kansas City, MO

“Congratulations to Fr. Trinchard for an excellent, easy to read, defense of the true Faith. We’ve ordered a total of 10 books.” -- J M, Ft. Myers, FL

“Such a good book, it should be sent to every priest in the United States. It might open some eyes, although it would make the bishops angry.” -- S S, St. Louis, MO

“Father Trinchard, your arguments are...convincing, your information genuine, your logic undisputable...After years of sufferings and trials from higher ups, and after many tears for having lost the Mass (your term Canonized Latin Mass is quite good and logical) I got myself away from the unjust administration by an early voluntary retirement and was saying this Mass of the Saints in rented houses (in India)...Fr. B... invited me to his place...and after a year, I was dispatched to this place. I am now 73 years old and a priest for more than 44 years...I wish that you write many more precious books like this one.” -- Fr M, Fort Myers, FL

“Either Christ and His Church have already dogmatized the Canonized Latin Mass as being in Apostolic Tradition – or the Catholic religion is a fake!” -- V F, PA

“Thanks for the package you sent to me...I pray to the Good Lord to continually bless you. Since I made a decision recently to return to the Traditional Latin religious order has granted me one year to live outside the community, since I wrote to inform them that I prefer the traditional Latin Mass. It is the authentic and Canonized Liturgy of the Catholic Church. The new mass is only a parody of it as is evident in its susceptibility to innovations, adaptations, experimentations, inculturations and endless novelties. Please pray for me....” -- Fr G O, Imo State, NIGERIA




My Basic Missal - Book Cover

by Fr. Paul Trinchard, S.T.L.


“I have just reviewed your booklet entitled MY BASIC MISSAL and wish to offer my congratulations. It is the most 'user friendly' missal that I have seen (and I’ve seen quite a few).” -- J P Member, FCS, Foxburg, PA




Jacinta - Book Cover

by Fr. Fernando Leite

Blessed Jacinta has surprised me. I was eager to see the others, but this one has proven to be a real treasure!

This little Jacinta book is a great one for the basics of Fatima with a particular focus on the great little girl who teaches us all how to suffer perfectly. It is such a life as hers that helps to make for us a real and personal direction toward virtue, because there could be no greater privilege than to meet her in person. It makes our desire for heaven a little more tangible just thinking that she is there waiting for us -- if we would go! And conversely, our revulsion of sin is amplified by thinking that she can see us doing what we should not, for we could not bear to scandalize such a one! By knowing her and her character, we can make ourselves more like her, and we can look for those similar qualities in others, and encourage children to be like her. We can encourage adults to imitate her virtue, too, for if a little girl can be that way, certainly we big, strong grown-ups should have no problem following her example.

We Catholics have always had the lives of the saints to comfort us in adversity, saints that are real and present in history and culture. We have been privileged to know the details of her brief and instructive life. The gift of Blessed Jacinta Marto is a real and present blessing for today. The little one who died in loneliness is here for us in this, our own terrible time, and she will be with us through our sufferings yet to come. Blessed Jacinta Marto, pray for us! -- G R, Joliet, IL

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