To make a donation using [PayPal Logo] follow the instructions below.

After a successful 'Log In' to PayPal, select the 'Send Money' tab.

PayPal Donation Step 1

After selecting the 'Send Money' tab:
      - Enter '' in the 'To' field.
      - Enter the dollar amount of your donation in the 'Amount' field.
      - Select 'Services/Other'.
      - Click 'Continue'.

PayPal Donation Step 2

      - Enter 'You've got a donation' in the 'Subject' field.
      - Enter your name and address in the 'Message' field.
      - Click 'Send Money'.

PayPal Donation Step 3
PayPal Donation Step 4

You will then receive your confirmation.

PayPal Donation Step 5

Thank you for your donation!

To make a donation using a check/money order, please mail your check/money order to the address at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

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